Wasp repellent

Like other insects play bees and wasps an important role in nature. They reassure pollination (bees) for our food production and protect our crops in an insecticide-free way (wasps). But unfortunately most people dislike their presence and place non-differentiating traps resulting in their capture and death. As an insect-repellent expert Jaico RDP has been contacted by a researcher working on a patented formula for assistance on establishing a wasp-repellent consumer spray. The product has been tested very elaborate after the development,  in cooperation with some important German institutions, such as Biogenius. (Click here for more information about these tests.) The innovative wasp-repellent spray guards people from the annoyance of wasps and their stings, but doesn’t threaten the life of our fertilizers and crop-protectors. Jaico RDP believes in preserving nature: our products protect people from insect-disadvantages and safeguard insect lives at the same time.

Preserving nature and serving people

In a lesser extent than bees but still worthy of mentioning and guarding is the pollination job of wasps. Then again something of mayor importance is their role in insecticide-free protection of harvest. Bees are responsible for the pollination of over 80% of the agricultural crops plus a manifold of non-cultivated plants and herbs. Sure they are being assisted in this job by certain wasps, bumblebees, flies, beetles, butterflies, … however bees are the only hibernators and thus the only ones with high presence in spring at the time the pollination needs to occur.  Hence less bees implies less fertilization  and consequently less fruit plus subsequently less semen.  This spellbound affects the food price since market offer diminishes and demand doesn’t.

Next to their fertilization job, honeybees treat us with precious  honey and beeswax is being used in artisanal and besides still in industrial applications. Pollen is being used for therapeutic, medicinal purposes and propolis as an antisepticum. Of course neonicotinoïdes, pesticides, … cause a mayor root in the extinction of bees together with global warming, the shortage of nectar-sources and difference in landscape, diseases, …

Unfortunately our impact on the lather is limited, but we can influence the persistence of bees and wasp in our own garden, the pub’s terrace, the play garden … Avoid placing traps and protect yourself and your family efficiently against stings by spraying everyone and the surrounding textiles with our wasp-repellent spray.

The patent owner has left the launch of his wasp-repellent spray to the hands of Omega Pharma. You will find this product on the shelf this season under the brand: Wasp Away.

Enjoy your wasp-free-summer!

Wasp Away makes it possible not only to protect yourself at home but also on location, apart from the ecological advantage another advantage of our wasp-repellent spray.  It would be comical carrying around your wasp trap to your local play-garden, favorite pub-terrace, … so this is again a disadvantage tackled by Wasp Away.