Horses suffer from a much bigger exposure to insects than humans, as horses are most of the time outside. Therefore insect borne diseases become a severe threat for the life  of horses.  Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis, West Nile virus, Murray Valley Encephalitis, Ross River virus and Kunjin virus can be transmitted via mosquitoes. More and more cases reach the news year by year and it’s up to us to avoid this for our beloved ones.

Tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease are transmitted by ticks. Ticks aren’t only dangerous most people found them incredibly disgusting. Just try our Jaico insect-repellents and everyone will feel relieved. Insect-repellents are also effective against all kinds of flies, we are not only talking about ticks and mosquitoes. Just check out the insects and arachnids scheme.

 Never miss that gold medal again just because of the bugs and ride safe!