Other products

Besides insect repellents and after bite products, Jaico RDP used the knowledge of a wide range of ingredients to bring some other applications to the market. First of all Jaico RDP developed a sunburn cooler, which gives your skin a cooling and softening feeling. Next to this, Jaico RDP also makes a range of hand sanitizers, which come in handy when traveling, at work, in the kitchen, performing sports or taking care of children. These sanitizers clean and freshen your hands without water, soap or towels.

During spring and summer flies are always huge pests. The Jaico RDP biobag FLYBAG can help you get rid of these little annoying creatures. This way you’ll be relieved all spring and summer long. Check the biobag FLYBAG  out yourself!

Do you hate it when your beloved horses are attacked by flies? Check out our pages about horse applications and protect your dear ones from insects and insect-borne diseases.