Repellent info

An insect repellent is being applied to skin or textile and convinces a broad spectrum of insects and arachnids like mosquitoes and ticks to avoid the treated area. The product prohibits the bug from landing without killing it. This way it is a very useful and effective way of protection against insect bites and the transmitted diseases by them like Malaria, Dengue, West-Nile, …

In contradiction to an insecticide the repellent product doesn’t kill the bug. The insecticide kills the bugs without discriminating the good bug species that prey on the bad ones and so upsets nature’s balance resulting in a higher population of unwanted pests. In addition there will always be some singular insects of a species which are immune for the poison used in an insecticide. This creates entire species that are immune to a certain insecticide as only stronger insects will get the chance to reproduce, making the insecticide useless. This is not the case for a repellent.

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