Over 25 years Jaico RDP is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of high quality insect-repellents. All knowledge gathered throughout the years is being set in place for its external distributors to use in order to bring effective assortments to the consumer. The initially patented and award-winning formula has been a strong basis for building a solid and performing range.

Jaico RDP products differ in efficacy, smell and skin feeling from all other insect-repellents. They are longer lasting, not greasy and easy to apply. Moreover for every consumer’s preference and for divers circumstances there is a product available. Just trust we’ll guide you to the best application or find your own way through our range when you have a special preference for either Deet, IR3535, Icaridin or Citriodora.

Whether you prefer an easy to handle spray, roll on, stick, gel or lotion, you will find it in our assortment. For sports and extremely sweating in humid areas we advise to use our specialized gel formulations. While your friends are tackled by bites, you’ll be covered by Jaico RDP repellents. Were you previously bitten as you avoided repellents because of your sensitive skin? Our specifically developed sensitive formulas may change this.