Insect repellent

An insect-repellent discourages insects and some arachnids like ticks from landing on a surface.  In contradiction to the electronic sound producing, bracelets, …  and other infective devices, there are 4 actives that proove efficacy for many years.  A quarter of a century Jaico RDP is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of high quality insect-repellents using 1 of the 4 acknowledged actives. Jaico RDP products differ in efficacy, smell and skin feeling from all other products on the market. You can easily find your way through our range selecting a specific active deet, IR3535, icaridin or eucalyptus citriodora and choosing between our different application forms: spray, roll on, stick, gel or lotion. We work with pharmacy and drugstore distributors worldwide and offer them a broad service, from taking care of registrations and legislations to organizing expeditionsand other tests. Of course in addition to our main objective being  timely, fast and high quality deliveries of product.

As experts in insect-repellents we dispose of a broad knowledge in every field of the domain: insects, mosquitoes, ticks, geographic expansion,… The risk of insect or tick carried diseases is playing an enormous role with millions of people today. Just bear in mind the number of people dying from malaria every day. Consider the annual volume of tourists injecting against mosquito- and tick-borne diseases worldwide. Globalization is bringing these issues shorten to daily life of all of us.  Above this not only a bite can be harmful, also the life-threatening effect of a sting when causing an allergic reaction is a mayor issue.

Of course many of us get bitten every day not getting sick of the bite or sting but certainly being annoyed by the itching. At that moment … just try our Jaico RDP Bite Balm products and don’t forget to use a repellent the next time.